Thursday, June 28, 2012


Dear diary,
Yeah, hurmm. Finally. After a few months. I feel like want to post something. Well, I supposed to be happy with what I have now. Even a bit. Almost of my biggest dream in this year have been achieved. I need to spend all of my effort for another. Well you know, we just can try and work hard. Either we got it or not it was on His hand. I wish that I can achieved all. All that I want to be happen in this year. Amin. Yeah, so today. I just checked up my new cribs. Everything was okay. And I am so excited about that. At least I have something that I can do on my own way and ideas. Argh, really! Honestly, I already have the imagination how it will be look like. But I need to wait until my wallet is full enough to spend for everything. I have the list. Oh, you know me. It wont be perfect even I have checklist and everything. I might missed something. Hurm, dont worry. I maybe have enough time for list it all. So, just pray and wait for that. I will do the best and make sure it will turn out like what I want. Amin.       
Syamimie Hdean

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