Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I call her Gyna

Yess, I call her Gyna. Some people get confused when I call her Gyna. Actually, she is Kelisa but converted to Gino. This is not because she is Gino so I call her Gyna. Previous, I was dreamed to have a pet named as Gyna. But until now I have no pet to be my friend. Since I have this Gino that will accompany me everywhere I go from now on. So I call her Gyna. See, my dream comes true! Hahahaha.This is the picture before I sent her for make over.
It just looks so plain but its still nice. I think Gyna is pretty enough now. Just one real thing left. The rim. Insha allah. If there is a luck for me. Next month Gyna will completely pretty with her new shoes. You know what? me and hubby lacks of savings because of this two big things that we've got in last month. Home and Gyna. I really thanks to Allah for all gift that He gives. But to everyone who involve, Im just starting my new life. So, if any favor that I cant help I just can say I am sorry. Im really sorry.